A Healthy Mind For Business – The Galt Juice Company

“I am so excited and proud to be a part of the sixth generation of Warnocks doing business in Downtown Galt.” 

Madison Warnock, owner of Galt Juice Company, comes from a line of Galt business owners that runs six generations deep. In 1881 the Warnock family opened The Galt Knitting Company which later became, what is now a household name in Cambridge, Tiger Brand.

It’s a heavy generational mantle – and one Madison seemingly wears with ease.  “I love Galt, it’s where I grew up and where most of my family still lives,” says Madison. “I am so excited and proud to be following my family’s footsteps and running my business in Downtown Galt.”

Like many, Madison’s career path took a unique route. “I was in Toronto, studying to be an accountant and working in the restaurant business to pay the bills,” she explains. “I’ve always loved cooking – both my grandmothers had huge backyard gardens and I loved working in them and cooking with what we harvested. I loved the restaurant vibe in Toronto too – but I wasn’t sure of the hours.”

While between semesters Madison came back home and started to look at what she wanted to do. She had a mind for business and a passion for food. She also noted a gap in healthy eating on the go options in Cambridge.

“As a student in Toronto, it was hard to eat healthy and I relied on juice bars, but there weren’t any in Cambridge,” she reflects. “So I thought I’d try it – as an experiment – and see if others would like it.”

Armed with her food journal – filled with flavour combinations and hints from her mentors – Madison set to work. She turned to cold-pressed juices because they’re the easiest way to get a lot of healthy vegetables into your diet while on the go. Her most popular creation? The Green Beast – which gives you three pounds of greens in 16 ounces. “There has been a lot of trial and error, and along with some great creations I also made some horrible juices.” The worst? Dandelion greens. “Oh it was terrible,” she laughs. “Bitter with hints of garlic and onion.”

Today, Galt Juice Company has become a healthy eatery. The menu has expanded from its original cold-pressed juice roots to include smoothies, salads, grain bowls and more. And it’s got a loyal following. “I’m lucky to be my age and doing what I’m doing. I can put in long days and hours but it doesn’t feel long because I love it.”

As both a small business owner and a member of the community, Madison finds the downtown core’s rejuvenation encouraging and exciting. “I want more people to find us and appreciate this gem we call home.”


Madison Warnock
The Galt Juice Company
14 Queens Square
Cambridge, Ontario
N1S 1H3