Life at the Intersection of Yesterday & Tomorrow

Life at the Intersection of
Yesterday and Tomorrow

Imagine what it would be like to have one foot firmly in the past and one just as solidly in the future. That’s how life at The Gaslight District, the former Southworks location, will be.

For more than one hundred years, Southworks has been integral to the history of Galt. Originally it was the location of the Dumfries Foundry, which moved to the site in 1847. Three years later, founding partner James Andrews left the business and fellow partner James Crombie took over, renaming the business James Crombie & Co.

There has always been something magical about old buildings. They are constantly alluring, and those in The Gaslight District are no exception:

In 1854, the Crimean War brought an industrial boom to Galt, promoting considerable growth for Crombie & Co. By 1859, two enterprising Scottish employees, John Goldie and Hugh McCulloch, bought the company from Crombie, and the name was changed to The Goldie & McCulloch Co. Manufacturing grew to include steam engines and turbines, turbine water wheels, and even safe doors.

Goldie McCulloch thrived until 1923, when it merged with Babcock & Wilcox, continuing to manufacture boilers, engines, pumps, and turbines, and became known as their South Works, before closing in 1987.

In its most recent incarnation, Southworks served for almost a quarter of a century as an outlet and antique mall, until the site closed to the public in 2017. And now Southworks is preparing to reopen for public
use with a dynamic new concept.

There has always been something magical about old buildings. They are alluring, and those in The Gaslight District are no exception: the wooden floors with their rich patina, the ceilings, the massive wooden beams, the sunlight streaming through the huge windows. When it comes to urban spaces of this style, the old cliché has never been more true: they just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

As the cornerstone of The Gaslight District, the vast majority of the original stone buildings will be lovingly restored. The buildings will enclose a public square faced with boutiques, galleries, and restaurants.

To walk the cobbled square is to be transported to another time and place. Exhibitions, live performances, spontaneous acts of eye-popping entertainment: anything is possible at The Gaslight District.

If being a visitor to The Gaslight District is a special experience, imagine how it would be to live there. Owning a suite in one of the new Gaslight Condos means you’ll have an address right at the intersection of Galt’s past and future. From any suite in either tower you’ll have a spectacular view of some combination of the Gaslight District, the trees, the river, and the city.

Living here is not like living anywhere else. You’ll be transported into a world of music, theatre, festivals, art, and fine dining. It’s a year-round celebration of the best things in life, right at your doorstep.

But there’s more to The Gaslight District than music and laughter. It’s also a unique working environment that inspires innovative, creative thinking. The industrial age of the historical site may be over, but the marvellous buildings from that era have been redesigned as a centre for the digital age. This is your chance to join in that transformation.