Love Where You Live #GaltLove

Where you Live

Through his #GaltLove movement, Eric Bolton is committed to fostering authentic community engagement.

In high school, Eric Bolton moved with his family from Guelph to Galt. While some might have thought such a move catastrophic in their teen years, this wasn’t the case for Eric. Not long after moving in he quickly fell in love with his new hometown, so much so that he’s working tirelessly to raise more #GaltLove.

For Eric, celebrating Galt isn’t just about hometown pride, it’s bigger than that. “I think we have a stunning town that has a rich history with a river running right through it,” Eric says. “We have the perfect set up to be as stunning a destination as Elora or Quebec City. Galt just needs to be brought to its full potential.”

Eric’s excited by the infusion of energy and development in his downtown core, including the redevelopment of the old Post Office, a new pedestrian bridge and the development of The Gaslight District. “ I think all of it combined is helping draw attention to this town as an up and coming hot spot. On top of that, these huge projects are filling and revitalizing some incredible historic buildings that we are proud to have in Cambridge.”

An entrepreneur, performer and musician, Eric owns E-Bolt Music School, a small concert venue and retail space. A big supporter of the community, he also arranges music for many local events and festivals.

“What sets E-Bolt apart is our team of teachers, beautiful studio and active community involvement,” says Eric. “We also strongly support original music from local and touring artists – we are the only company in town arranging shows of our kind.”

“The goal of #GaltLove is shared appreciation of our businesses, business owners and fellow citizens of Cambridge,” Eric explains. “By being independent and without any set programming or funding, we are hoping to generate a mindset that isn’t about events and deals, but rather about being a part of the growth of our town. If everyone gets involved on their own, without being told to, it creates a very real community building project that everyone is a part of. The hope is this mindset will stem into everyday living.”

“Ultimately, I truly believe we need to promote a love for creating and help everyone see that it’s the people of a town that can create a community,” Eric concludes. “Too often people only come out or do things if it’s paved and prepared for them. We need every individual to begin investing in this town, even if just by spreading positive thoughts about what Galt could become.”