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Idea Exchange
More than a Library

When the first library was created almost 5,000 years ago, no one unfurling those papyrus scrolls could possibly have imagined what libraries would become so many millennia later.

Libraries have always been remarkable repositories of humanity’s greatest thinking: havens where knowledge is available to everyone. But ideas are not static.

The evolution of human thought flows through history like a river.  So what could be better than a new vision of a library right on the banks of the Grand? 

Such is the innovative new Idea Exchange in Downtown Galt. Located on the riverbank in the Old Post Office Building, the Idea Exchange is a pleasant stroll from The Gaslight District. 

Like all libraries since Alexandria, Antioch, and Constantinople, the Idea Exchange places great emphasis on seeking truth: questioning, learning, and growing.By capitalizing on all the potential of the digital age, the Idea Exchange represents the latest stage in the evolution of the library. Printed books, magazines, recorded books, and DVDs remain staples, but they are augmented by a comprehensive array of 21st-Century resources to promote the flourishing of ideas. This collection of technology, from the centuries old to that which will emerge tomorrow, is a vibrant centre of creativity.

The Idea Exchange isn’t just a place for absorbing information. It’s also a place to share concepts, and to re-imagine them in new and exciting ways. If that didn’t happen, what kind of an Exchange would it be?

The exchange of ideas includes music, movies, meditation, and gardening. There are art courses, from drawing, painting, and sculpting lessons, to more contemporary activities such as creating your own comic books and Manga, or hand-painting silk scarves.

At the Idea Exchange you might learn about 3D printing.  Or, if you want to learn how to distinguish fake news from the real thing, the Idea Exchange can help with that too.  This is a skill that is increasingly important in an age of “alternative facts”.  The array of possibilities for learning is as vast as knowledge itself.

The Idea Exchange is a hub for creation and an intellectual amusement park for the curious. You can take your mind on the wildest rides, and it’s all free. If the librarians in Nineva and Ephesus had these toys to play with, they’d have needed to order in more chairs.

AROUNNA KHOUNNORAJ Untitled Dwelling Series #1
Photography Credit: Scott Lee ©1998